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انجمن فرهنگی جوانان دایکندی
Daikundi Cultural Youth Association

About Us

Daikundi Cultural Youth Association (DCYA) was established in 2005 with the effort of some young people from different districts for motivation in social activities, development and strengthening youth thought. Association got its certification of registration in 20/06/1384 by ministry of justice. This association with the coordination of active youth was able to establish main office in the province center and its branches in Ashtarlay AND Khidir. Right know it has 140 active members which they are working actively in province and districts.

Daikundi Cultural Youth Association (DCYA) was established in 2005  through the effort of some young people from different districts of Daikundi in order to motivate the youth to engage in social activities toward their development.  Association got its certification of registration from the Ministry of Justice in 2005. The association has established its main office in the province center and its branches in Ashtarlay and Khidir. It has 140 active members working actively in province and districts .

Geographic area of operation
The DCYA presently operates at the center of Daikundi province as well as in Khidir and Kiti as it strives to gradually expand to other districts.

Target population
The DCYA caters to the people of Daikundi especially the male and female youth.

A society with reach culture and empowered youth in Daikundi

Aligned to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) specifically the Social Protection Sector (7) under the Economic and Social Development Pillar(3), the DYCA seeks to contribute to the enhancement of the productivity of unemployed youths and those demobilized.  Thus, DCYA commits itself to empower the young people to active participation in developing the cultural and social environment for positive change.

The DYCA adheres to the following values as it fulfills its mission toward realization of its vision:

• Upholding the constitution of Afghanistan and the Association
• Being independent from any political organization and, conducts its programs without regard to the religion, ethnicity, origin or gender. Solidarity with each other through team work characterized by camaraderie, openness, respect, informed and participatory decision-making, shared responsibility, united action, and mutual help.

By the end of 2014 more than 10% from Daikunid youth will have achieved greater opportunities for education that would enhance their social and cultural orientation including gender awareness toward a healthy life.

At the end of 2011 more than 6.5% from Daikundi youth will be able to:

1. Demonstrate competencies in Afghani and English literacy, computer,  and mathematics, chemistry and physics;
2. Display analytical thinking and reflection about self and Afghan society;
3. Show self-confidence and ability to work as a team;
4. Participate actively in the social and cultural affairs toward their personal and group development as responsible citizens to contribute to the peace and development of the Afghan society

 Development strategy
Based on the 5 years of experience in working with the youth Daikundi by which needs assessment have been undertaken, the DCYA has evolved the following development strategy consisting of interrelated components:

1. Youth motivation, developing self-confidence and team work
2. Youth education
3. Youth skills development

Organizational structure:
Organization general assembly (board of founders)
High council (board of trustees) 
Administrative council (head, deputies, finance, admin and committees)

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تاريخچه: انجمن فرهنگی جوانان دایکندی در سال 1384 با همت تعدادی از جوانان ولسوالی های مختلف دايكندي جهت ایجاد انگیزه ،فعالیت های اجتماعی ، رشد و تقویت افکار جوانان با اخذ جواز در تاریخ 20/06/1384 از وزارت محترم عدلیه رسما پا به عرصه وجود گذاشت. این انجمن بعد از اخذ جواز توانست...
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